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Drawshank Fantasy Golf

How it works

Every week of the PGA Tour, pick 3 players to be part of your fantasy team. They all accumulate points throughout the week, the more points you accumulate during that week, the more chance of you becoming a weekly winner. You can choose play for fun, or with a small weekly wager of $5. 

Scoring rules. 

Pick 3 players, let me know your players at one of the following links below.

Please note -  one of your players has to be over 25/1 at the start of the tournament each week, as seen on Oddschecker. 

  • Twitter
  • Discord

Your golfers accumulate points in the following ways: 

Birdies  3pts

Pars  1pt

Bogeys  -1pt

Double Bogeys - 2pts

Eagles  8pts

Albatrosses  13pts

Hole in one  15pts

Others - 5pts

Finishing Place - 1st (30pts) 2nd (20pts) 3rd (18pts) 4th (16pts) 5th (14pts) 6th (12pts) 7th (10pts) 8th (9pts)

9th (8pts) 10th (7pts) 11th -15th (6pts) 16th - 20th (5pts)

21st -25th (3pts) 26-30th (2pts) 31st-35th (1pt)


Below, is where you can keep up to date with your teams and your points. The prize winners will be those at the top of the leaderboard on the left each week and then again at the end of the season in the overall leaderboard. The prize totals will be dependant on how many enter each week and for the overall drawshank champion. Please contact me on the links above if you have any questions. 

Please note the full leaderboard will only be avaliable via desktop, refer to twitter above for the leaderboards via mobile. 


If you are choosing to play for fun, this section is not as important to you. 

Weekly Payment and prizes

I will be using a secure dedicated paypal account to collect weekly payment of $5. 

Dependant on how many players want to play will be dependant on how many prizes there will be to win each week. Most week's I will be able to payout 1st place and some weeks hopefully paying more places, mainly on weeks like major's. 

Overall Payment and Prize

This week's prize breakdown

If you want to be part of the overall prize pot then I will be creating using paypal a seperate entry fee of $10 (+$2 rake) and the link for this is below. If you miss a week don't worry your team will just default to the same picks from your previous week.

Season Long Prize Breakdown 2023

$100 1st place 

$30 2nd Place

The week's prize breakdown

To begin with I will be asking all players to help with my time for organising and admin to pay a joining fee (Rake) of $2 but don't worry you only have to pay this once all season, thanks for all your support. 

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